#BeingReiki #1000DayChallenge—Day 197: No words

I've experienced so many beautiful things during the last two months. Amazing workshops, sessions, conversations, meditations and insights. 
So many, that I lack the words to express them in a coherent manner. 
It's so hard to describe how it feels when you give your first session working from a space of complete compassion without any interruption from the mind.
Or how sometimes fear will take over my whole system but I can't escape it like before. I can only face it, hold it, makes friends with it until acceptance comes and washes it away.
Or talk about my new obsession: diving into the Buddhist concept of "Right Effort" in relation with the Reiki precepts in order to find out ways to extend the peacefulness and stillness of the practice into all corners of my life (and hopefully others).
So, I apologize for my silence and hope words come back my way soon!


Photo credit: The Man with the Bowler Hat, by Belgian painter René Magritte.