Since Nathalie has joined our team at YES Studio, she has proven to be an absolute treasure. As our weekly Sunday meditation teacher, she has brought joy, compassion, and exceptional teaching to our studio and our students.
As the owner of YES I have received multiple raves about her outstanding knowledge and ability to hold space for students of all backgrounds and levels of experience. I highly recommend her for any meditation position!
— Hollis M., co-owner of the YES Studio

About our Reiki 1 and 2 Training

Nathalie is the perfect balance of vibrant curiosity and steady discipline. She always knew how to help me advance in my learning of Reiki, be it through improvising on a technique, validating the work done, or gathering the right evidence about how I was doing. Her dedication to traditional techniques and regular practice made for a solid foundation that will surely serve me for years to come. I’m so glad I studied with her.
— Ida B, Brooklyn, NY
Reiki 1 with Nathalie was an experience I’ll never forget. Nathalie is truly a wonder, with her expansive knowledge, intellect and accessible attitude. She has many tools to share and we worked with styles of breath, meditation as well as hands on healing. I left the training feeling fully supported and ready to give Reiki to those close to me. I look forward to learning more from her and will absolutely seek out Nathalie’s magical teaching and guidance in the future.
— Katie S., Brooklyn, NY
I really enjoyed my Reiki II experience. It has made me more confident to start practicing and I’m very excited!
I will also say that going into the training, I came in with the idea that Reiki was more so about my clients. But now I am understanding how it’s also for me, and it’s quite nice to now know that there are this balance and exchange. I think this understanding and self-practice help (hopefully) with being able to be more intuitive with clients.
You are an excellent, supportive teacher and your tips and suggestions were so helpful! Also, the workbook and guide are amazing.
— Alena C, Manhattan, NYC

About our Meditation and Reiki Healing Circle:

Calming, soothing and enlightening.”
— Susanne L.
Thank you so much Nathalie. Meeting you and learning from you has been a true blessing and gift. I look forward to continuing to practice with you and grow my knowledge and capacity to ground myself and heal others.
— Kelly B., Brooklyn, NY
I was motivated to go to the circle so that I could learn some more strategies to combat my anxiety and depression. The most meaningful breakthrough was when I was asked to think of someone or something that makes me happy and at peace. It made me realize that those people are always with me, [although not always in] person. I used this strategy...many times this week. It helped me cope with anxieties and panic attacks.
— Nina M.
Afterward, I not only felt at ease, I was aware of doing things with more ease than usual.
— Anna M.

About our Reiki sessions:

Two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I KNEW I couldn’t receive western treatments without balancing it out with eastern/holistic care. Reiki with Nathalie has been one of the best decisions I could have made. Working with her my body, mind and spirit are nourished, healed, comforted and provided with all that I need. Nathalie is my Reiki practitioner for life. Her gentle spirit, heartfelt compassion and response to my needs is second to none.
— Rebecca S., Manhattan, NYC
Nathalie was giving Reiki to my dog Blue who is a 14-year-old and had some acute issues with his kidney and liver. From the first treatment, Blue’s Energy level was up. He got treatments twice a week up to three times a week with amazing results.
All other treatments had stopped to work for him and doctors at the animal hospital had almost given up on him. He is full of energy again now after a couple of weeks of treatments and is full of life. Thanks to Nathalie he survived one of the most challenging times of his life.
— Martin R, East Village, NY
An unrelenting backache brought me to Nathalie. In only two sessions she eased the pain away, allowing to unlock tightly-held emotions and washing it all away...Reiki was a surprising and wonderful discovery, coming back especially when going through stressful situations is now a must. I highly recommend Nathalie.
— Sabine F.
I came to Nat because of pain and spasm in my right leg following several injuries. With every Reiki session, my tension has released more and more. Nat has also shared insights that help me to understand my pain and let it go. She is not only an awesome Reiki practitioner but also a gifted intuitive healer.
— Shyama O.
I had zero understanding of Reiki before I met Nathalie, but she gently guides you through the non-invasive sessions which I have found to be so beneficial. It’s so relaxing and after Nathalie had worked on me, I felt that a great weight had been lifted (I’m such a worrier) and I was refreshed and rejuvenated. I felt electricity flowing as she worked on me which sounds like nonsense, but It’s a truly unique experience that everyone should try!
— Eloise C.
Gentle, but powerful. With Nathalie’s Reiki, I entered a space of non-judgment, pure love and higher vibrational energy. I recharge my spiritual and physical batteries every time, and in a way I am not able to fully understand, in every session I receive a new insight, a new energy tool that I can apply to my daily routine and my day-to-day life. Thanks to Nathalie and Reiki, I now know, that there is a space I can go to every time I need to center myself, recharge, get focus, and feel peace and love...
— Niky P.
I’ve been to at least four other Reiki practitioners ranging from level one to masters, and even if I were to combine the experiences, the energy I felt as our session began (and during) would be unmatched. I felt safe, comfortable and able to receive the full experience. After, the relaxation I felt and the state of ease in my mind and body was that of the person I was before I had a business and the stresses that come with it. It was fantastic to feel so peaceful.
— Jb. B.
For those who are considering Reiki, Nathalie’s gentle approach will help introduce you to the world of energy and healing. For others who are experienced Reiki receivers, Nathalie’s ability to be open to whatever healing comes through might release energies that have otherwise been forgotten about. I highly recommend Nathalie, especially if you’re suffering from burnout.
— Lauraine V.
“I would say that I am not generally a believer in alternative forms of medicine, preferring just to get on with it until things get unbearable. I was, however, spending a day with Nathalie when she noticed that I was under the weather and without energy and offered to give me some Reiki. Almost immediately I felt warmer and relaxed and could feel the connection that she made with me, and just gave in to that. I was having some stomach problems and almost immediately I felt the positive effects and after only a ten-minute session was much better and enjoying a post-Reiki nap. I would recommend everyone try Reiki as not only a treatment but as a way of opening yourself up to energy and new ideas.”
— Tania S.
I had been extremely stressed out from work and wanted to rid my body of all the tension. Her immediate attentive and caring personality made me feel at ease and totally taken care of. During the session, I was able to feel her energy and the heat from her hands. Many images came up for me. I was in a deeply relaxed state. When she was finished, I felt completely calm, with a sense of well-being. It seemed as if all the tension was completely drained from my body. It was a great experience.
— Jayne H.
I have an old leg injury that has been causing me pain and discomfort for 24 years and have medicated it in all sorts of different ways. Reiki is the first therapy that has actually alleviated the pain without chemicals while helping me deal with underlying stress issues.
— Allen S.