Create the space and it will come

Sometimes we talk about something we want to do for so long, we get it out of our system and never do it.
But others, we go for it overzealously, with a full checklist of steps and goals that leaves us exhausted. We work at it 24/7. We push the door so hard in order to open it, and yet it remains locked.
What we seldom do is create the space in our lives for the thing we want to come, to happen.
An empty space in our calendar and our soul.
A space of quiet, of emptiness and calm.
A void that by law of nature has to be filled.
Today in your #Reiki practice connect with this space, feel it. Acknowledge it. Appreciate it. Feel content to leave it as it is. Do not try to fill it or control it. For it is the space where your hopes and dreams can finally start to grow.