Niky's Healing Journey

“Only those who do not move, do not die… But are they not already dead?"
French Racing Driver Jean Behra.

Every second counts.
The only thing you need to die, it is being alive.
The only thing that it is true it is change.
Those were my “mantras” for years. I still take them with me wherever I go.

 I grew-up with two obsessions. The first one was racing cars.
The second one, everything related to vibration and energy.  

 Formula 1, IndyCar, Rally, NASCAR… What-Ever-Racing-Fast….The world of high-speed sports always seduced me. And although I studied Psychology–guided by my interest in the mind and in human behavior—and I explored the spiritual world via yoga, meditation and world religions, I actually ended up as a journalist and PR agent specializing in motorsports.

 You see, language and, most specifically the power of words, bewitched me. Adding the PR element allowed me to indulge in another passion: connecting with people and connecting them among each other. It allowed me to become a free agent, setting up my own shop and enjoying the rare gift of freedom and independence.

Immersed in motorsports, I worked with people living on the edge every day, and with corporations seeking "that" ultimate advantage that differentiates and puts them in front of the competition. I was—albeit in a structured, corporate world—an advisor, a consultant and a coach.

 Sounds glamorous and exciting, right?

 It was. But every story has two sides. When many of your friends and coworkers race above 150 miles per hour, looking to gain hundredths of a second per lap, death is a constant companion. You know it’s there. You can feel it. You flirt with it and it’s what keeps you on the edge. Alive. With all your senses awakened. It ends up being like a good friend who reminds you that the time “to be” and “to do” is NOW. Today. We do not have “always”. We may not even have tomorrow.

 So, one day I walked off the racing tracks.

 I decided to spend time with a beloved friend who was dying. The nights by his side were populated with silences, many questions and a few but meaningful answers. After he passed away, I decided to do a training called "Dying Consciously," reconnecting my earlier spiritual quest. And just like that, a new door opened towards a new roadmap: Life Coaching.

After years in the racetracks, I knew every second counted. So I shortly became a Certified Coach (International Coaching Community) & Leadership Life Coach (by Sura Center.) I now have the blessing to work with people from all over the world, helping them to manifest their passions, mission and purpose.  I support their transitions while expanding through their consciousness and awareness. 

I thank you for your time reading my story.
Welcome to this space and community!

 Niky P.