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Hi, I’m Nathalie. I’m a Reiki master with over ten years of experience. Reiki is a Japanese practice that combines mindfulness techniques and light healing touch. Through Reiki, I’ve been able to reduce anxiety, relax deeply and heal. This in turn has brought back joy into my life and loads of beautiful, loving energy I would love to share with you.

I am certified by the world-renowned International House of Reiki, and I’ve been invited to demonstrate this practice at venues such as Soho House, Fashion Week, and the New York Jets' Athletic Center. I would love to work together.

Reiki will help…

  • Quiet your mind

  • Relax and shift your nervous system from "fight or flight" to "rest and digest"

  • Recharge your energy so you don’t feel drained

  • Empower you to recognize and manage emotional triggers

  • Boost confidence, clarity and joy

  • Support your immune system, relieve pain and improves your overall wellness (better sleep, digestion, detoxing)

There are different ways to experience Reiki:

Hands-on healing session
Great for those moments when you need to get out of your head and reconnect with your body, your emotions,  your dreams and recharge from everyday life. Each session helps your mind/body/spirit shift towards balance, clarity, hope and a more positive state of being.


Breathing meditations and visualizations
Balance your energetic system, reconnect with your body's wisdom and improve your focus with the support of Reiki touch. No meditation experience required.

Take the power to heal yourself in your own hands. Literally. Learn a simple hands-on healing protocol and meditation tools that will balance your body, emotions, mind and spirit.

An unrelenting backache brought me to Nathalie. In only two sessions she eased the pain away, allowing to unlock tightly-held emotions and washing it all away...Reiki was a surprising and wonderful discovery, coming back especially when going through stressful situations is now a must. I highly recommend Nathalie.
— Sabine F.
I had zero understanding of Reiki before I met Nathalie, but she gently guides you through the non-invasive sessions which I have found to be so beneficial. It’s so relaxing and after Nathalie had worked on me, I felt that a great weight had been lifted (I’m such a worrier) and I was refreshed and rejuvenated. I felt electricity flowing as she worked on me which sounds like nonsense, but It’s a truly unique experience that everyone should try!
— Eloise C.
I’ve been to at least four other Reiki practitioners ranging from level one to masters, and even if I were to combine the experiences, the energy I felt as our session began (and during) would be unmatched. I felt safe, comfortable and able to receive the full experience. After, the relaxation I felt and the state of ease in my mind and body was that of the person I was before I had a business and the stresses that come with it. It was fantastic to feel so peaceful.
— Jb. B.

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