Nathalie Jaspar is a Reiki master with over a decade of experience. She’s a graduate teacher from the International House of Reiki led by world-renowned Reiki master Frans Stiene. She also trained with the Center for True Health, the International Center for Reiki, and with Reiki master Pamela Miles at the JCC Reiki Clinics in New York. Nathalie recently completed three-week training in Zen meditation and Buddhism at the Chokai-san International Zendo in Akita, Japan.

She created Dive Into Reiki to share new ways to experience this practice beyond hands-on healing, and is passionate about teaching easy meditations, breathing patterns and visualizations that work wonders in everyday life. Beyond offering sessions and workshops in NYC, Nathalie has been invited to demo Reiki practice in venues as diverse as Soho House, Advertising Agencies, Fashion Week events, and the New York Jets’ Athletic Center.

 7 things to know about Nathalie

  • She was born in Belgium, grew up in Venezuela and has lived in New York for over two decades.

  • She’s fluent in English, Spanish and French but can fake her way through Portuguese and Italian. Sometimes, when she’s excited it seems she’s speaks all of them together. Just ask her to slow down.

  • She believes that life is a discovery, and that a spiritual practice gives you the tools to be able to travel down this road with more ease and joy.

  • She practices Iaido, a Japanese martial art that emphasizes the ability of quickly drawing a sword. Don’t worry. The sword is blunt.

  • She loves books, opera, and bold lipsticks.

  • She's also a writer, which has led her to many incredible adventures, from creating the texts for an award-winning children’s book to writing hair-care commercials for Gisele Bündchen (who’s actually nice and spiritual besides being stunning.)

  • Her style is simple, down to earth, warm, and yes, sometimes, peppered with some fun storytelling.