Dive Into Reiki offers a number of services for corporate teams and employees: from mini-Reiki sessions to custom-tailored workshops designed with an individual company’s needs in mind to improve mood, focus, and spirit.

BREATHING IN CALM (MEDITATION PREP CLASS): 20 people max. One hour. We all want to meditate. But how can we do it if we can't even breathe right? This class focuses on learning 3 Traditional Japanese meditation and breathing techniques that calm, focus and prep the way to a solid meditation practice. Reiki will be provided during the class to help attendants relax and recharge.

MINI-REIKI SESSIONS: Ten-minute chair sessions to relax, center and focus. 4-5 people per hour. Can be done in any space. No need for a massage table.

ENERGETIC HEALING WORKSHOPS: 60 or 90 mins. 20 people max. Combining practical exercises such as movement, breath work and guided visualizations with energetic modalities to address all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic. Going beyond stress relief, these wellness workshops facilitate people to re-connect with their body-mind to shift into a more positive state of balance and productivity.

REIKI SESSIONS REWARD CERTIFICATES: We offer a discount when buying 6 or 10 one-hour Reiki session certificates to reward your hardworking team. 

For more information on Dive Into Reiki's corporate services, please contact Nathalie.

Some of our corporate clients include: